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Performing Art Class

Member Theaters

The ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence celebrate the diversity and dynamic of our incredible Phoenix theater community.  Though the ariZonis are a way of providing recognition to those who bring to life incredible visions on Arizona stages, they are also a forum for bringing people together--to share in the joy of working in this field and to help us find ways we can collaborate for the betterment of the community-at-large.  

Theater Performance

Current List of Member Theaters

There are currently 39 participating adult and youth theaters (some theaters have both).  

Become a Member Theater

Not a participating theater? We invite you to join us.  We do have some pre-requesites for membership and some guidelines for participation, but take a look and see if you are ready to join us!

0007_2017 Arizoni Adult Candid.jpg
Student in Library

Adjudication Guidelines for Theaters

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