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Chris Frank

Board member since November 2022.

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Chris is a born-and-raised Phoenician, and has lived in Arizona most of his life. Chris is relatively new to the Arizona theater scene, with his first professional project being “I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens. But It Was Aliens” with B3 Theater in 2021. Prior to Aliens, Chris has done prop work and technical design for personal or small scale projects, including school productions. Since Aliens, Chris has been involved in many projects with B3, working on props, set design, and lighting design. 


Outside of theater, Chris has worked with nonprofit organizations around the world to grow into the future they imagine. His years of experience include working with theater groups, after-school programs, and fine arts programs. 


Chris lives in Mesa currently with his girlfriend and 3 cats. He loves being outdoors, building things with his hands, and cooking. He looks forward to adding new projects and roles to his repertoire!

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