It's getting closer every day...

It's that time of year again!

We are excited that Scottsdale Arts is welcoming us back to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for our 2022 ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence Celebration.  Mark your calendars NOW for Monday, October 3, 2022!

Stage Left Productions is our event sponsor for the 2022 Celebration with Queen Creek Performing Arts Center joining us as a Silver level sponsor. 

This year we will be combining some of the BEST of our 2021 Celebration (which include a tightening up of the Celebration Ceremony and a party in the Atrium) and our previous years (including the return of on-stage performances).  Keep an eye on your email or this website for updates as we confirm things for this year's celebration!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our 2021 Celebration something special

Thank you to Stage Left Productions for being our event sponsor and to Queen Creek Performing Arts Center for being a SILVER sponsor.  We also want to thank Josh Hontz for providing the sound for our performances in the Atrium and to Jeff Davis for providing lighting equipment for the Atrium performances as well.  Thank you to Tiffany Martinez for doing a huge job of photographing the whole wild and crazy event.

Thank you to the donors of our incredible raffle items. Thank you to the delicious food trucks. Thank you to the vendors. Thank you to EVERYONE who came to celebrate. The ariZoni Theatre Award of Excellence work very hard each year to bring this event to fruition.  We are so thankful to everyone that brings this together every year.

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How are winners chosen?


Debate about the results of the ariZoni Awards each year are as common as frustration with the referees in soccer. It has become a normal part of the event.  Since the inception of the event, the board has worked tirelessly to do whatever they can to assure fair adjudication.  Over the past five years alone, training has been re-structured, rubrics reviewed, new adjudicators recruited...anything to help ensure a fair and partial process.

Here's how adjudication works:

Five adjudicators are assigned randomly to EACH production.   Each theater determines the cast members and creative individuals for each of their shows that they want to have adjudicated in the various categories and submits a ballot with those individuals names to our ONLINE adjudication site, which is overseen by the international company, Award Force. 

Adjudicators are given DETAILED rubrics to follow as they adjudicate. Once adjudication is complete, the accountant (no board members have any access to scores submitted for the awards) processes the results. The highest and lowest scores of each person are thrown out and the three mid scores are averaged. On a usual year there are nearly 250 productions adjudicated with acting categories often having as many as 4 people nominated in each category for each show. That's 1000 actors being adjudicated for ONE category, and we nominate 10 (1%) and award 2 (.2%).  With more than 30 theaters participating that is a LOT of adjudicating and calculating.   

While no system is perfect; we do all we can to make this one impartial and fair.  One of the best ways to learn more about the adjudication process is to become an adjudicator yourself.  Adjudicator applications are due in April every year (though you can always apply early).  So why not apply and come see what it is all about?

ariZoni Awards

We promote the visibility, cooperation and growth of theatre in the Valley and are dedicated to recognizing excellence in theatrical performances, as well as individuals who produce exceptional work in all aspects of theatre.  

May 21, 

9-11:30AM for NEW Adjudicators

10-11:30AM  - RETURNING Adjudicators


We are excited to be returning to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for our 2022 Celebration of the ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence.

May 22, 

4-6:30PM for NEW Adjudicators

5-6:30PM - RETURNING Adjudicators

June 11, 2022

All-Participating Theatres
Annual Meeting

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