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Special Awards

Nominations for these awards are due August 15 of each year.

 Learn more about each award here:

Stage Manager Award

Distinguised Service Award

Outstanding Contribution Award

We are also proud to offer theater scholarships.

Theater is so much more than just what happens on stage . . .

What happens on stage is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the work that happens under the water that is rarely seeen but is one of the most important aspects of creating theater.  

The ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence recognizes these unsung heroes with a variety of special awards.  Each year theaters are asked to submit candidates for these awards. The applications are then reviewed by our awards committee and the recipients are recognized in the ceremony.  

We are honored to announce the following Special Award Recipients:

Max McQueen Distinguished Service Award:

2018/2019: The Easley Family

2017/2018: Constance W. McMillin

2016/2017: Judith Hardes

2015/2016:Tempe Center for the Arts

Kyle Lawson Outstanding Contribution Award:

2018/2019: Sue Anne Lucius and Ross Collins

2017/2018: Cheryl Bender, Melissa Lane and Josh Morris of Costume Connection

2016/2017: D. Scott Withers

2015/2016: Gil Benbrook/PHX Stages

Excellence in Stage Management Award:

2018/2019: Amanda Keegan

2017/2018: Courtney Stevens

2016/2017: Wendy Rodgers Smith

2015/2016: Linda Ferington

These recipients were recognized at our annual Celebration of Theater.


Recipients for 2018/2019 will be awarded on September 23 at the Scottsdale  Center for the Arts. Come show your love for these recipients and their award namesakes.  Learn more about why they received these awards.

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