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Please note that we are not currently accepting scholarship applications at this time.


The ariZoni Board of Directors is seeking a corporation or an individual to sponsor our Scholarship Program to offer scholarships to selected candidates enrolled, or intending to enroll full-time, in a two-year junior college, four-year undergraduate college or university, graduate program, or professional theatre training program.

If you're interested in sponsoring our scholarship program, please contact us at

If we are able to arrange a sponsor for this year we will then open up the application process for one-year, non-renewable scholarships. Proof of enrollment is required. The number and amount of scholarships that will be awarded will be based on the scholarship sponsor and the number of qualified applicants received by the ariZoni Board.      

If we are able to arrange a sponsor, applications must be received on or before August 15 of the current year in order to be eligible for consideration.  

Alex Martinez, 2015 Ford ariZoni 

scholarship winner.

Studying musical theatre at

University of Arizona

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