Kyle Lawson Outstanding Contribution Award

The Kyle Lawson Outstanding Contribution Award honors an individual from within the theatre community who has served in a profound way through personal investment of time, energy, vision and talent. This award can be bestowed upon administrators, directors, writers, producers, designers, actors, technicians, volunteers, support staff, or any individual involved in theatre who has made a considerable impact on theatre throughout the entire Valley. Past recipients include individuals who have impacted youth, community and professional theater. Judy Rollings, the late David Wo, Helen K. Mason, David Saar, Kyle Lawson, Max McQueen, Val Stasik, David Barker, Ron Hunting, Matthew Weiner and Michael Barnard. All of these individuals have shown great vision for theatre in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and have been of exceptional service to theatre, individuals and the community at large 

All applications must be postmarked by August 15 each year.

Pat and Kyle Lawson


Congratulations to the Kyle Lawson, Outstanding Contribution Award recipient for 2018/2019: 
Sue Anne Lucius and Ross Collins. Come celebrate this year's recipient at the ariZoni Awards of Theatre Excellence Celebration, September 23, 2019 at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts!